Hello! A warm welcome to The Photo World, a place to get an unforgettable documentation of your wedding done! We don't only click photographs, but create a beautiful story uniting your emotions.

We believe that marriage is much more than a voyage to life, it is a vow, and it's a promise for eternity. To keep it natural and initiate a heartfelt movie out of it, we keep a snap of your feelings, think out of the box and find the perfect frames building a blissful masterpiece!

The Photo World is a family of lively and skilled photographers who quietly ask to borrow a jiff from your big day by keeping a warm, familiar atmosphere around you. It's a privilege that we get to share in your personal moments, and so we put our complete efforts to add magic and poetry to your special day!

Frequently asked questions

Email us and let's learn more about each other - info@thephotoworld.in
Yes. We've documented several weddings internationally going full-time since our incorporation!
It depends on the travel policy, album delivery and other wedding coverage details, for a complete information please contact us at info@thephotoworld.in
Online galleries are posted within six weeks of the wedding date and your digital files are done in the same time. After final approval, most of the albums are ready for delivery within twelve weeks . Email us to get the conversation started!


I believe "the big day" is not just for the bride and groom, but it's "the big day" for two families. Making my camera sing, talk, float and fly is what I do that makes my style vivid. It is important for a good wedding photographer to be sensitive to the occasions. So presenting myself in a friendly manner for the couple to feel comfortable with me is what's preferred. 

As photographers, we're the  in charge of creating memories, capture those special moments and let the couples and family recall through our pictures. 

Learning from experience is the key to success. Learn from past experience, meet new people, explore locations, culture and hence never stop to grow!